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How does Qboxmail compare to Exchange?


Access essential information anytime, from your computer, smartphone, or tablet, and effortlessly share it with your team to stay in the know.


Utilize the Contacts module to establish personal address books and efficiently manage your contacts. Collaborate seamlessly with colleagues by sharing address books and contacts, streamlining your communication and organization.


With the Calendar you will
have a simple tool to increase
productivity, without missing any
events and always keep an eye on
your team’s commitments.

Centralized signaturemanagement

Effortlessly control, modify, or remove user signatures right from the Control Panel. Take charge of account identities and their linked aliases with ease.

Full corporate directory

Incorporate company details and streamline the process of finding colleagues with the automatically updated company directory, simplifying your search for team members.

Automatic backup

Backup service is a part of the package, and it allows you to retrieve specific messages in the event of unintended deletion.

In our opinion qboxmail is much more feature rich as seen above.

How does Email Archive Work for my business?

Unlimited Archiving

The software system retains messages without any storage constraints for a duration of 10 years.


The software autonomously creates duplicates of all sent and received messages.


The messages are organized for quick and precise searching on the web and mobile.


Email Archive offers a completely cloud-based archiving solution, free from storage constraints and the need for any software or plugins to be installed.


Email Archive includes an automatic function for importing email messages
already present in users’ mailboxes.

Legal Value

Email archiving also proves valuable during legal disputes, as it allows for the selection of authorized users (auditors) to access archived messages.

Our Archive System Features

  • EStores all sent and received emails Unlimited storage space
  • EEmail retention for up to a decade
  • EAccess archives via web and mobile
  • EEffortless email search, export, and recovery
  • EDelegate access for streamlined management
  • EDesigned for individual mailboxes
  • ELegal validity for your emails


  • ECloud-based service
  • EInstant activation
  • ENo software required
  • EWorks stealthily for users

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